Your financial goals

Great rates of pay, on time, every time.

You need to maximise your earning potential or bring in some extra cash for a while. We can help you achieve it. 

Combining preferential pay-rates with the flexibility you gain with NLG Health means that you can start taking control of your finances. You could see the back of that student loan, save for a house or holiday, or support yourself while studying.

Choosing the most lucrative shifts or opting to work with our private sector clients – these are just two ways to make a significant impact on your pay packet.

We have been offering an outstanding service to our nurses and healthcare professionals since 2001 – and have earned an excellent reputation while building superb and supportive relationships.

We have immediate work, weekly payments, and a huge variety of placements that will enhance your CV and CPD requirements. In short, at NLG Health you will find a consistent supply of the work you like.

Then there’s the little perks that all add up to make a difference like our ‘refer a friend’ scheme, CPD development and training rewards.

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